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Hexagon Bird Aviaries - zinc or colorbond




Zinc is $699
Colorbond is $815
The hex aviary design is a popular option for bird enthusiasts. You can choose from a single hex design, which is great for those with smaller backyards, or add flight extensions to increase the room for your birds. These flight extensions can be added to either side of the hex. The double hex aviary is also an attractive design if you don’t have any space issues.
Single Hex
Length: 1.545m
 Side: 1.38m
 Wall Height: 1.80m
OPTIONS- Single Hex cage with flight area $1169 (Zinc) $1355 (colour)
Double Hex cages with flight area $1945 (zinc) $2305 (colour)


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Hexagon Bird Aviaries - zinc or colorbond

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